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Fear not

About a year ago I posted a blog on fear, but lately I find my self taking charge of my life and going back to my Christian roots. Not just reading the words, and worshiping on Sunday, but living the word. And as many of you I have tried and stumbled in the past,  due to fear; however, I hope this time it will be for good. So, here is a quick message on fearing the right things. Its a message of  encouragement, and inspirational.

Most Christians Never Have the Luxury of Hearing God Say Fear Not.
Because they never attempt anything Great enough to merit the command.
If what you attempt does not scare you spitless you are not in the will of God
I charge you not to fear the wrath of man, but to fear that you never make men angry.

Fear not the attack of Satan.
But fear that you never make his hit list.
Fear Not the unknown
But fear that you never learn what is beyond the unknown.
Fear not trials and tribulationsbut fear a life of Ease, Complacency.

Fear not the God haters
but fear God himself.
Fear not that your messages are not good.
But fear that your messages are not from God.
Fear not what men may say about you.
But fear what God would say about you.

Fear not attempting something great for god and failing.
Fear rather attempting little things for God and succeeding
. Fear not those who kill the body, but cannot kill the soul.
But fear him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.
My prayer for you students is not that you’d live a life free from fear, but a life fearing the right things.



Well, today is the day I say goodbye. Today I will face the world,  focused on what’s to come, and not what was once. ” A memory is no hiding place” so, i say goodbye. A path to new a beginning, less heartaches, I say goodbye to yesterday and hello to tomorrow. I say goodbye to the man I used to be, and  hello the man i could be. Goodbye to past, and hello to the possibilities. The past is a guide post to the future, perceptions is a string of memories, the past is not a physical, but a state of mind. Thus, I take control of my mind, and again i say goodbye. I say goodbye to the past, I say goodbye to you!


I command the man who speaks without fear of retaliation. I cannot bare the thought of baring my heart to the world. I can not confide in a world that doesn’t understand; a world that will judge, and sentence me. Not for crimes, but for my believes. When truth is open ended, and open for interpretation. Integrity and treating your fellow men as a brother are no longer a way of life, but entities of the past. I safeguard my heart. Like a coward I hide my emotions, my true feelings. “To be nobody but yourself in a world that’s doing its best to make you somebody else, is to fight the hardest battle you are ever going to fight…” I have fought this battle, and my soul has become collateral damage. Without a confidant I carry with me a burden, and broken soul when I can no longer be true to people around me, how can I be true to my self?! Fear dictates my every move, and I find my self falling in a vicious cycle. I have fallen in the tides of life that can not be tamed.